Plainfield Taxi Dispatch : Service to Chicago from Plainfield

Plainfield Taxi Dispatch offers the fastest and the most economical taxi service between Plainfield and Chicago. Perhaps the only reliable taxi service in Plainfield, IL, we strive to be on time, professional and cost-efficient. Open 24 hours a day, we also offer low Flat Rates to Chicago from Plainfield and provide Minivans for groups of 4 to 5 & Unmarked Vehicles as well.

Call us anytime 24/7 at 815-609-7533 and we will pick you up in Plainfield in about 20-30 minutes and take you to your favorite destinations in Chicago. Often, our taxi wait times in Plainfield are less than 20 minutes, despite Plainfield being 'spread out'. Online Taxi Reservations are available for a pickup in Plainfield, IL or a pickup in Chicago as well.  

  • Call ahead for a pickup in Chicago for timely service back to Plainfield and the surrounding areas.
  • Remember, Flat rates are the same going to and coming from Chicago.
  • MiniVans and Full Size Vehicles available.
  • Minivans can transport up to 5 passengers to Downtown Chicago with minimal luggage.
  • The average cost of a city taxi from Chicago to Plainfield is more than $140.
  • Plainfield Taxi  Dispatch offers low flat rates starting at $75

Reserve a taxi in Plainfield online or by calling 815-609-7533