Plainfield Taxi Dispatch : Local Taxi and Airport Rates

Welcome to our Taxi rates section. We offer several types of rates depending on destination.


Point to Point Taxi Rates

Trips originating in Plainfield and ending in a different suburb like Naperville, Oakbrook, etc are usually charged by distance.  Per mile Rates start at $5.00 and each mile thereafter is $3.00. Often we offer Flat Rates for point to point trips instead of charging the customer per mile. Just call us at 815-609-7533 and ask. Click here for our Point to Point Rates Section.

Airport Flat Rates

Airport trips are always charged via Fixed, Flat Rates. Airport Flat rates depend on the pickup town/city and in the case of bigger towns/cities, rates vary based on location within the town/city. Click here to check our Airport Flat rates

Chicago to and from Plainfield Flat Rates

Plainfield Taxi Dispatch now offers Flat Rates to and from Chicago and Plainfield. We also offer Flat rates between neighboring towns and Chicago. Click here for our most current Chicago Flat Rates.