Plainfield Taxi Dispatch : Package Delivery in Plainfield


Plainfield Taxi Dispatch provides fast and reliable package delivery service in the area. Our package delivery rates are very affordable starting at $3.00/mile from pickup to delivery. We will come to your location and pickup the package and deliver it anywhere in the Chicagoland area safely and on time. Plainfield Taxi accepts packages up to 140lbs in weight. We provide three levels of package delivery service. All package delivery services have a minimum charge based on distance and time.
Package Delivery Service
For a guaranteed pickup and dropoff anywhere in the Chicago area, we offer our exclusive pickup and dropoff in 3 hours or less service. This expedited service costs $4.00/mile and timely delivery is guaranteed. If we can't deliver your package within the 3 hours of order confirmation, we will offer a refund equal to the difference between the $4.00/ mile and the $3.00/mile rate.
Super Expedited Service Details
We also offer a more economical rate of $3.00/mile with a guaranteed pickup and delivery in just 4 hours. This service is more economical but fast, efficient delivery of your packages is guaranteed. 
Expedited Service Details
Plainfield Taxi Dispatch also offers a more, shall I say, a relaxed package delivery service costing about 20% less than the standard rate of $3.00/mile. Packages are accepted with a 6 hour pickup window and packages are normally dropped off in about 10-12 hours. Economy service prices are Flat Rates based on distance.
Economy Service Details
Plainfield Taxi Dispatch must abide by the law. We cannot transport anything illegal or dangerous including but not limited to tobacco, alcohol, firearms, illegal contraband, dead bodies, etc.